CSB Revision policy has been lain down in accordance with the European Union and international recommendations and good practice.

Basically, the CSB statistical data are revised in accordance with the scheduled revision cycle and plan, accumulating the information obtained after publication term regarding errors in data sources or calculations till the following scheduled data publication date, thus avoiding too frequent data revisions.

Exceptional data revisions are rare and only in cases when the revision volume according to the evaluation of the CSB experts affects the quality of other statistical data.

The revised (and/ or revisable) statistical data are separately specified or marked out, publishing them in publicly accessible data bases or in statistical publications.It is performed as follows:

  • reference to the present Revision policy or link to it in the CSB web site;
  • note on the volume of the performed revisions and assessment of their impact.

Statistical data revised in the result of major methodological changes are published only after the reasons for the revision, methodology applied to recalculations, possible impact of data revision and other related information is explained to the main data users.  The CSB carries out the explanatory procedure by publishing a respective press release in the CSB web site or organizing discussions with data users.

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