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General Statistics
Geographical Data - monthly data»  annual data»

Natural Resources - annual data»  archive»
Politics and Religion - annual data»

Economy and Finance
Business Tendency - monthly data»  annual data»
Consumer Prices - monthly/quarterly data»  annual data»

Enterprise Finances - quarterly data»  annual data»

Government Finances - quarterly data»  annual data»

Gross Domestic Product - quarterly data»   annual data»

Investment - quarterly data»   annual data»   archive»
Producer Prices - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»   archive»


Fertility - annual data»

Life expectancy - annual data»

Marriages and Divorces - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»

Migration - annual data»

Mortality -  annual data»

Number and Change - monthly/quarterly data»  annual data»

Territorial Statistics (Experimental Statistics) -  annual data»

Living condition (EU-SILC survey)

Composition of Households- annual data»

Housing Conditions - annual data»

Material Deprivation - annual data»

Minimum Income Level - annual data»

Monetary Poverty and Income Inequality - annual data»

Self-perceived Health Status - annual data»

EU-SILC ad-hoc modules - Social and cultural participation» Well-being» Health and children`s health»

Social Processes

Adult Education - survey 2007, 2011, 2016»

Crime and Justice - annual data»
Culture annual data»  archive»

Education - annual data»  archive»

Employment and Unemployment - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»   archive»

Health Care and Sport  - annual data»

Household Budgetannual data»

Labour Costs - quarterly data»   annual data»

Occupied Posts and Job Vacancies, Paid Working Hours - quarterly data»  annual data»

Personal Income - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»

Social Security - quarterly data»   annual data»

Structure of Earnings Survey - survey 2006»  survey 2010»  survey 2014»

Vocational Training - survey 1999, 2005»

Wages and Salaries - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»  archive»

Industry, Construction, Real Estate, Trade and Services, Structural Business Statistics
Construction - quarterly data»   annual data»  archive» 

Real Estate annual data»  archive» 

Indicators of Foreign Affiliates - annual data»

Industry monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»   archive»  

Trade and Services - monthly/quarterly data»  annual data» archive» 

Structural Business Statistics -  annual data»

Statistical Enterprise Register

Number of Enterprises annual data»  archive»

Enterprise Groups - annual data»

Transport and Tourism

Tourism monthly/quarterly data»   annual data» archive»

Transport - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»  archive»

Foreign trade in goods

Foreign trade by country, country group and territory - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»   archive»

Foreign trade in goods according to NACE classification; by main components of national accounts and categories of BEC classification - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data» 

Foreign trade in goods by country and according to Combined Nomenclature - at 2-digit level»   at 4-digit level»   at 8-digit level»

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery 

Agricultural prices and price indices - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»

Agri-environmental indicators - annual data»

Crop Production - quarterly data»   annual data»   archive»

Livestock - monthly/quarterly data»   annual data»

Farm Structure Survey - survey 2003, 2005, 2007»

Farm Structure Survey - survey 2010, 2013 and 2016: agricultural holdings» land use» livestock» technical provisions» labour force in agriculture» agricultural production methods»

Fishery - quarterly data»   annual data»

Forestry - quarterly data»   annual data»

Environment and Energy
Energy - monthly data»   annual data»   archive»
Energy Consumption in Households - survey 1996, 2001, 2006, 2010, 2015»

Environment - annual data»

Science and Technology 

Use of Computers and Internet - individuals»   enterprises»  households»  archive»

E-commerce - individuals»   enterprises»

ICT security - individuals»   enterprises»

ICT sector statistics - enterprises»

ICT specialists and e-skills - individuals»   enterprises»

Internet use for interaction with public authorities - individuals»  enterprises»  archive»

Use of cloud computing services - individuals»   enterprises»

Expenditure on ICT in enterprises - enterprises»
Innovation - annual data»

Innovation - survey 2008-2010»
Science - annual data»

Population Census - 2000»

Population and Housing Census - 2011»


Agricultural Census - 2001»

Agricultural Census - 2010»

Statistics of the 1920s – 1930s



Social processes»





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Database short-term statistics tables are gradually restructured, changes will be made in February or March 2016. Henceforth, when selecting values, indicator grouping by period will not be separated (year, quarter, and month), but merged in one dimension (year/quarter or year/month). Henceforth time dimension structure will be made in compliance with PX-file format specification (timeval).



Starting from 22 May 2018, separate tables in the database section “Employment and Unemployment - monthly/quarterly data" will be merged, and indicators in tables will be restructured.