Infographics and videos

Infographics and Videos


Consumer Durables in Householdes, 2017

Monthly Menu of Latvia Inhabitant, 2017

Overnight Non-Resident Travellers in Latvia 2016

Latvia as 100 People, 2017

A Day in Latvia, 2017

A Day in Latvia (births), 2017

Women in Decision-Making in the Baltic states, 2017

Pumpkin statistics, 2016

Latvia as a 100 people


Beverages, 2016


Quality of life (created by Eurostat)

Young Europeans (created by Eurostat)

Jelgava, 2015

Easter, 2015

Women in science

World Statistics Day, 2014

Statistics on young people, 2014

Portrait of a woman in Latvia, 2014

Statistics on young people, 2013

Consumption on main food products in 2012

Latest information on population number, migration and emigration 2012

Producer prices in agriculture 2012