Infographic – Monthly Menu of Latvia Inhabitant

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Consumption of food products on average monthly per household member in 2015. Consumption of products purchased, self-produced and obtained free of charge, excluding consumption of food products in restaurants, canteens and similar catering enterprises. 

Biscuits – biscuits, cookies, crackers, dried bread, toasted bread, wafers, bread straws, etc

Bread – wheat, rye, fine rye-bread and other kinds of bread, a variety of buns, croissants, lavash, etc.

Bakery products – pies with different fillings (fruit, cream, etc.), jelly rolls, cakes, sweet buns, big pretzels, muffins and plum cakes, pretzels, meat pies, pizza, curd cakes, tarts and pies, etc.

Poultry – fresh, chilled, frozen or ground hen chicken, broiler, geese, duck, turkey, etc. meat. Edible poultry by-products: livers, hearts, stomachs, necks, etc.

Beef – fresh, chilled or frozen ground beef and veal.

Pork – fresh, chilled, frozen or minced pork.

Cheese – all kinds of cheese, including molten. Cheese salad.

Milk –fresh, pasteurized or sterilized milk with various fat content.

Yoghurt – yogurts with various fat content, with and without food flavourings, with sugar, cocoa, fruit or berries. Yogurt drinks.

Potatoes – fresh potatoes.

Fresh tomatoes – all kinds of fresh tomatoes.

Apples – fresh or frozen apples.