Individual data for educational activities

Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia is offering to upgrade your educational process with anonymized data from statistical surveys. The data are arranged basing on the information from CSB surveys, they are available in SPSS format and are the same as ones used by statisticians in their daily work. To ensure confidentiality of the information received from the respondents, indentifying indicators have been deleted or changed.

To download survey data you have to register on the CSB webpage. This will take less than 3 minutes. Description of the survey indicators and values thereof may be downloaded without registration.

Labour Force Survey

2015 (SPSS)

2014 (SPSS)

2013 (SPSS)

2012 (SPSS)

2011 (SPSS)

2010 (SPSS)

2009 (SPSS)

2008 (SPSS)

2007 (SPSS)

Description of labour force survey dataset variables and values (PDF)

Household Budget Survey

2012 (7z, SPSS)

Description of household budget survey database indicators (PDF)

"Statistics on Income and Living Conditions" (EU-SILC) Survey

2016 (7z, SPSS) (zip, SPSS)

2015 (7z, SPSS) (zip, SPSS)

2014 (7z, SPSS) (zip, SPSS)

Description of EU-SILC survey database indicators (PDF)