Christmas, 2016

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Number of residents who celebrated their birthdays on 24, 25 and 26 December 2015.

Number of residents named Adams or Ieva (excluding double names). Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, Database of Person Names 30.06.2016.

Births at Christmas (on 24, 25 and 26 December 2015).

Imports of plastic construction sets and constructional toys, stuffed toys in the form of animals or other beings, dolls representing only human beings, whether or not clothed, as well as puzzles (excl. of wood) in 2015 by country. Distribution proportional to height (not area).

Imports of electric lighting sets of a kind used for Christmas trees in 2015.

Exports of Christmas trees in 2010–2015.

Data of the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre. Mean air temperature in December and its norm in Latvia in 2010–2015. Norm – average values of observations during the period from 1961 to 1990.

Data of the State Forest Service. Number of red deer from 1991 to 2016 (on 1 April).

Breakdown by separate species of trees in all forests of Latvia in 2014. Data of the 2nd cycle of forest resource monitoring. The breakdown is displayed proportionally to height (not area).


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