Anonymized Individual Data

In order to encourage deeper analysis of statistical information and its use in research, the CSB provides access to anonymized individual statistical information for scientific purposes, in the meantime strictly observing the principles of confidentiality.

For what purposes anonymized individual statistical information is available?

Anonymized individual statistical information can be used only for scientific or research purposes, moreover, the results of this research shall bring benefit for society as a whole.

Anonymized individual information shall not be granted for non-scientific purposes, respectively, it shall not be given for administrative purposes, for administration of taxes or other payments, as well as, for use in business activities.

How to obtain anonymized individual statistical information?

To obtain anonymized individual statistical information, fill in the application form and submit it to the CSB.  You may download the application form here. Upon receiving the application, the CSB shall announce its decision within 10 working days. Following a positive decision, a contract specifying the conditions for access and the obligations of the researchers will be concluded.

From which statistical surveys anonymized data may be obtained?

The CSB offers to use anonymized data of Labour Force Survey, Household Budget Survey and EU-SILC (Community Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) and other social surveys (depends on decision of Confidentiality board)

What kind of data is anonymized individual statistical information?

Anonymized individual statistical information shall mean respondent-level data of the aforementioned surveys which have been modified in order to preclude identification of respondents, e.g. geographical indicators will be identified only at regional or district level, instead of respondent's exact years of age, age groups will be shown and the level of detail can be reduced also for other indicators.

The anonymization methods are described in the internal regulatory enactment of the CSB  – ‘’Procedure under which survey files of anonymized persons are prepared, delivered and in which fees for this service are imposed’’

How data will be handed over?

Data will be handed over to you in data carrier. Note that, the contract specifies obligations of researchers and it states that individual data shall be deleted as soon as the goal of the research has been achieved.