Agricultural Census 2001

The aim of the agricultural census 2001 was to acquire, compile and disseminate wide range of information on land use, number of livestock, machinery in farms, employed in farms, as well as other economic activities of the farms.

When developing the methodological programme of the Agricultural Census the requirements of the European Union legislation and needs of local information users were taken into consideration.

Census included all farms in which main aim of the land use was agriculture and which in June 2001 managed 1 ha of agricultural land, or which during the previous calendar year for sale produced agricultural products in value LVL 1000 and more, regardless the area of agricultural land.

Reference date of the Agricultural Census was June 1, 2001.

Census was carried out from June 1 to July 5. During this time period 194.1 thousand farms were visited and work engaged 3000 employees.

As a result of the Census wide information on structure of farms in Latvia was acquired: number of farms, land use, number of livestock and poultry, buildings and machinery in farms, production and social infrastructure, employed in farms, auxiliary activities of the farms. Basing on the information obtained in Agricultural Census, data on specialisation and economic sizes of the farms were acquired.

For the input of information obtained in Agricultural Census 2001 high-speed scanners were used, as well as modern data processing technical system and software, thus ensuring precision, revision of data base and development of resulting tables in accordance with the technological requirements of that time.