3. Additional tables explaining notification

(Questionnaire related to the notification tables)

Additional tables include following information:

Additional tables explaining notification are determined by Council Regulation No. 679/2010 8 clause a point 2, which has been amended with Council Regulation No. 479/2009. In Latvia these tables are filled in since notification of October 2006. Additional tables are to be submitted to Eurostat twice a year – until April 1 and until October 1 alongside with government budget deficit and debt notification. Additional notification tables provide more detailed information than government budget deficit and debt notification. In addition to explanatory tables, and government budget deficit and debt notification tables are to be filled in according to principles set by Eurostat and data indicated in both documents have to be concordant with each other.

Revision of general government net lending (+)/ net borrowing (-) and revision of general government consolidated gross debt;
Breakdown of financial transactions included in the working balance;
Adjustments for sector delimitation in EDP tables;
Breakdown of other accounts receivable/payable (F.7) reported in EDP tabeles;
Taxes and social contributions: other accounts receivable/payable (F.7) of general government;
Recording of EU flows in EDP tables;
Military equipment expenditure (weapons and supporting equipment);
Central government claims, debt cancellation;
Guarantees recording;
Capital injections, superdividends and privatizations;
Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

Additional explanatory notification tables are not publicly available because they contain confidential information.