2. Tables of general government budget deficit and debt notification

In Latvia notification of general government budget deficit and debt consist of 9 tables, which include the following information:

Table 1 – Reporting of government deficit/surplus and debt levels and provision of associated data;

Table 2A-2D – Provision of the data, which explain the transition between the public accounts budget balance and the every government sub-sector deficit/surplus (EDP B.9);

Table 3A-3E – Provision of the data, which explain contributions of the deficit/surplus and the other relevant factors to the variation in the debt level and the consolidation of debt (general government sector and subsectors);

Table 4 – Provision of other data in accordance with the statements contained in the Council minutes of November 22, 1993 (trade loans, amount outstanding in the government debt from the financing of public undertakings, national gross income, etc.).

When submitting current notification, information on four previous reference years and forecast on current reference year is indicated in tables. As, in accordance with Macroeconomics statistics department revision policy, submitting every next notification survey of previously prepared data is carried out due to data update or methodology changes, the data status for shown data must be indicated – either they are provisional, final or planned. Information in tables must be indicated in millions of national currency units.