In April 2008 the annual survey ‘’Use of Internet and Computers in Households’’ will be started


This year the annual survey ‘’Use of the Internet and Computers in Households’’ will take place from April to June, and it will be carried out by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB). The households with at least one person aged 16 to 74 will be surveyed. The households participating in this survey were selected with method of simple random sampling. The information received from the respondents will not be published, but used only in general, compiled way, that will fully exclude the opportunity to identify the data received from each person separately. It will be ensured by giving a code to each household, and in further survey individual information about persons will not be used and it will not be possible to identify it. Part of the interviews will be carried out meeting the respondents personally, but almost a half of the information will be collected with the help of telephone interviews.

One of the aims of the survey is to obtain the data on the types of Internet connections in households and on devices used to access the Internet. Respondents will be asked about the frequency of computer use, locations of computer use, activities done on Internet, purchases made in Internet shops etc. Following the latest trends of the information technology development, this year the questions will be asked on specific services, e.g., creating blogs, video calls over the Internet etc. The extent to which the printed newspapers and magazines is substituted with reading of online news.

Before the survey is started, the households received notification letter and small informative brochure. In the case of interview when the interviewer will meet the respondent, calling by the indicated telephone number, the respondent will agree on the most suitable date and time for the interview. Upon arrival to the household, the interviewer will show his/her identity card with a photo, and ask the questions contained in the questionnaire. In the case of telephone interview, the household will receive a phone call, and the questions from the questionnaire will be asked by phone. Depending on the number of household members, the interview will take about 20 to 40 minutes.

The aggregated data obtained as a result of the survey will serve as the source of information on the situation in the sector of information society and will be used in order to plan the Internet use possibilities and the related development of economic and social processes. Everyone may find the results of the previous surveys in the collection of the data ‘’On the Information Society in Latvia’’, in the database of the CSB webpage and in the Statistical Yearbook of Latvia. The statistical data characterising the information and communications technology are available in the Eurostat database ( ).

The CSB urges the households to be responsive and obliging and to co-operate with the interviewers actively as every response is important for the acquisition of qualitative data.

Already in the middle of October any inhabitant of Latvia will be able to find the results of the survey on the webpage of the CSB.

The survey is carried out with the financial support of the European Commission.

Prepared by the Trade and Services Statistics Department
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