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According to the laws of the Republic of Latvia, Cabinet Regulations and the By-Laws of the Central Statistical Bureau, the CSB is a direct administration body subordinated to the Ministry of Economics1 and acting as the main performer and coordinator of the official statistical work in the country. The CSB is responsible for organization of the statistical work and authenticity of the data it has produced by summarizing the information obtained from respondents.

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The overall purpose (mission) of Central Statistical Bureau is to provide domestic and foreign data users with timely, exact, complete, comprehensible, and internationally comparable statistical information on economical, demographic, social, and environmental phenomena and processes of Latvia by applying contemporary solutions of information technologies and the best experience in the branch.

In order to achieve the overall purpose, the following goals and tasks have been set by Central Statistical Bureau:

1. To provide for the transparency of statistical processes and to improve the degree of understanding of the public regarding statistical data, principles of their obtainment and usage possibilities.

2. To improve the possibilities of obtainment and usage of the necessary statistical data for all groups of information users: central government sector, entrepreneurs, academic and research staff, as well as other interested parties.

3. To complete the process of collection of statistical data with the purpose to improve the quality of information received and to reduce the load of respondents.

4. To introduce general quality management system: to identify statistical and management processes and to prepare their descriptions according to the requirements of quality management system.

5. To improve the competitiveness on labour market by securing the growth of motivation of employees and raising the general competence and qualification degree of employees.

6. To strengthen the independence of Central Statistical Bureau in organization and performance of statistical processes and data dissemination, to raise the prestige of CSB as the developer of official statistics in Latvia.

7. To become an active participant in European statistical system by securing the fulfilment of the requirements of European Union, as well as by defending the national interests of Latvia in an active manner, taking under consideration the load of respondents, needs of domestic data users, and the peculiarities of Latvia as a small country in data dissemination process.

In order to ensure the credibility and quality of the statistics, CSB strives to comply with the European Statistics Code of Practice. The quality management system will be phased in over coming years. Observing the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on European Statistics, including Article 12 about the quality of statistics, CSB prepares quality reports in selected statistical domains in accordance with the European Union requirements. More information on the quality in statistics you will find in the section Documents.

1) Explanatory note regarding subordination of Central Statistical Bureau

The Bureau is a direct administrative institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Economics.

This form of subordination does not affect functional independence of the Bureau. The Ministry of Economics is not entitled to give direct orders to the Bureau regarding statistical production. The following definition in State Administration Structure Law (Article 7) provides that:

Supervision means the rights of higher institutions or officials to examine the lawfulness of decisions taken by lower institutions or officials and to revoke unlawful decisions, as well as to issue an order to take a decision in case of unlawful failure to act.